Matt Goldspink

Hi! My Name is Matt Goldspink. I’m a Lead Engineer at Vlocity based in Europe.

In past life I was a technical trainer, writing and delivering courses in Java, JavaScript, .Net, C++ and using multiple frameworks. If there’s one thing I learnt, that the best way to learn is to teach and hence for the last few months I’ve been collecting all the things I learnt and recording a brand new video course to help others learn.

What’s this all about?

In the last year I’ve worked a lot with Salesforce’s Lightning platform. I’ve hid a lot of roadblocks, made a lot of bad assumptions and fought hard against my own expectations with the platform. However, I’m now on the other side of that and realized that underneath Lightning there’s an amazing design and architecture that is incredible powerful once understood.

The course is targeted at people like myself, JavaScript developers who may have experience with other frameworks like Angular and React, and therefore are looking to understand it from that reference point. That’s not to say others won’t benefit! The course is written and delivered in a way where it should be understandable to others too.

What do you get?

Lightning for JavaScript Developers - Slides
Lightning for JavaScript Developers – Slides

The video course comes with beautiful slides, each slide is filled with additional presenter notes including:

  • Detailed descriptions of what’s on the slide
  • Links to docs, blog posts and stackoverflow solutions that let you dig into even more details
  • Reasoning behind different features and quirks
  • And more…

In addition there’s plenty of Bonus videos that drill down into detail about other features. And you’ll get access to the code for all the components I’ve written so you can deploy them to your own orgs!

This is the course I would’ve taken if it existed!

I’m still pulling together more and more videos, so right now the course is available for pre-sale of $85 and will be $120 when fully complete!